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Titanium anode - Titanium elec

Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode for Wastewater Degradati


Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode for Wastewater Degradation

As a mature water treatment technology, electrolysis has been widely used in the treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, tannery wastewater, paper black liquor and other wastewater. Degradation of pollutants in water by ultrasound, especially refractory organic compounds, is a new water treatment technology developed in recent years. The new technology of water treatment by electrolysis has attracted much attention due to its advantages of no need to add chemical agents, small size of equipment, small occupation of land and no secondary pollution. Electrode material is the key to determine the degradation efficiency of wastewater treatment by electrochemical method. Anodes with good performance should have high catalytic activity for degradation of organic substances, good electrode stability and corrosion resistance to actual wastewater. Titanium anode is considered as one of the most promising electrodes for environmental treatment because of its low cost and high oxygen evolution overpotential.