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Titanium anode - Titanium elec

Titanium electrode for hydrogen production from electrolytic


Titanium electrode for hydrogen production from electrolytic water

Hydrogen production by water electrolysis has a long history. Hydrogen and oxygen are produced by direct current in water. Electrolytic water is the only industrial way to produce hydrogen from water. Based on its high energy density and zero emission (no greenhouse gas emissions), hydrogen has been listed as a potential clean energy fuel. At the same time, hydrogen fuel can drive various electronic devices and electric vehicles through hydrogen fuel cells. Titanium anode for hydrogen and oxygen production from electrolytic water has been developed and manufactured independently for many years by our company. It has been put into the market with stable quality, no secondary pollution, low overpotential and good energy saving effect. It can save 15-20% energy. The shape of plate, net and pipe can also be customized to produce special-shaped parts according to the special requirements of users.