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Titanium anode net for sewage treatment has been shipped


Dioxidochlorine(.) Is used in pulp and fiber bleaching because it is an excellent bleaching agent that completely removes pigment and impurities without damaging the fiber. Dioxidochlorine(.) Can Be used in water treatment as a fungicide, deodorizer and preservative. In recent years, the manufacture of dioxidochlorine(.) Generators using electrolytic brine has developed rapidly. Dioxidochlorine(.) Can Produce CLO2, CL2, HOCl, O3, H2O2, H2O3 + and other strong oxidants. It has a broad-spectrum bactericidal ability. The bactericidal ability of the products produced by the generator is twice that of the sodium hypochlorite solution. The generator product can effectively remove the color, taste, algae and oxidation of heavy metal ions in the water. The dioxidochlorine(.) Can Be used to sterilize small water supplies for rural areas, towns, factories, mines and field troops, and to treat water supplies at stations along the railway. For restaurant and hotel tableware disinfection, swimming pool water disinfection, hospital sewage treatment, industrial cooling circulating water treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater decolorization treatment, electroplating cyanide-containing wastewater treatment. Baoji Longsheng specializes in producing titanium electrodes (ruthenium iridium titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium Tin Anode, ruthenium Iridium Platinum anode, titanium plated platinum anode, etc. , the products are used in chemical industry, electrometallurgy, textile, petroleum, medicine, light industry, marine environmental protection, water treatment, electroplating, organic electrosynthesis, Cathodic protection, electrodialysis, electrolytic pickling steel plate, metal foil production, ozone generator, hypochlorite generator, hydrogen and oxygen generator on vehicle and other industries, at the same time the production of Titanium Mesh, titanium plate, titanium tube, nickel and nickel alloy materials, welcome new and old users to inquire! COMPANY URL: http://www.lstyj.com