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Titanium anode assemblies for sewage treatment have been shi


High bacterial content in hospital sewage, such as direct discharge of domestic water pollution, in the past more use of chlorine or bleaching powder for treatment. For chlorine-free production areas, chlorine gas depends on transport, supply is not timely, and not safe. Bleaching powder easy to decompose, storage process of its disinfection effect will gradually reduce, or even failure. Sodium hypochlorite is a potent oxidant that enters bacteria to break down proteases and has a strong bactericidal effect. A five-element coated titanium anode developed by a research institute in South China has solved the problems of graphite anode and improved the technical and economic index of the electrode. Baoji Longsheng specializes in producing titanium electrodes (ruthenium iridium titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium Tin Anode, ruthenium iridium platinum anode, titanium plated platinum anode, etc. , the products are used in chemical industry, electrometallurgy, textile, petroleum, medicine, light industry, marine environmental protection, water treatment, electroplating, organic electrosynthesis, Cathodic protection, electrodialysis, electrolytic pickling steel plate, metal foil production, ozone generator, hypochlorite generator, hydrogen and oxygen generator on vehicle and other industries, at the same time the production of Titanium Mesh, titanium plate, titanium tube, nickel and nickel alloy materials, welcome new and old users to inquire! COMPANY URL: http://www.lstyj.com