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Titanium anodes for cooling circulating water treatment are


Some power plants at home and abroad use sea water (salt content is about 2‰ ~ 3‰) to electrolyze the sodium hypochlorite solution directly, which is used to treat cooling circulating water and has the functions of anticorrosion, scale inhibition, sterilization and algae killing. Chlorine was used in water treatment in the past, but the transport of chlorine cylinders was restricted, so the installation of the sodium hypochlorite at the site was remarkable. In Coastal fossil-fuel power station, sodium hypochlorite is used to cool and sterilize with seawater. Before sending seawater to the plant's coolers, it flows into the sodium hypochlorite's electrolyzer. In order to protect marine life, the release of dissolved chlorine from the water is not permitted and the amount of chlorine produced must be controlled according to the BOD value of the seawater. When the seawater temperature is below 8 °c, the chloride will attach to the surface of the anode, which will shorten the anode's life. Baoji Longsheng specializes in producing titanium electrodes (ruthenium iridium titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium anode, Iridium Tantalum Titanium Tin Anode, ruthenium Iridium Platinum anode, titanium plated platinum anode, etc. , the products are used in chemical industry, electrometallurgy, textile, petroleum, medicine, light industry, marine environmental protection, water treatment, electroplating, organic electrosynthesis, Cathodic protection, electrodialysis, electrolytic pickling steel plate, metal foil production, ozone generator, hypochlorite generator, hydrogen and oxygen generator on vehicle and other industries, at the same time the production of Titanium Mesh, titanium plate, titanium tube, nickel and nickel alloy materials, welcome new and old users to inquire!
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